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Scale > 1:220

  • Marklin 81846 Z Scale Christmas Freight Train Set
  • Marklin Z 8163s Starter Db Freight Set Withassugrin Reefer Cars (tested) Withtrack
  • Marklin Z Starter Set Db Freight Train Set (tested)
  • Rokuhan Z Gauge G004-3 500 Series Hello Kitty Shinkansen Starter Set New
  • Rokuhan Z Gauge G004-1 500 Series Shinkansen Starter Set New
  • Marklin Z 8174 Battery Starter Set With 8864 Loco & 8617 Container Car (tested)
  • Marklin 81846 Z Christmas Starter Set Us 120v
  • Z Scale Marklin 81466 American Freight Train Starter Set With Track & Power Pack